Stage 1 Criteria

– When starting out in preparedness, easy to focus on random threats

– – Maybe you watched a video about EMPs, and you started focusing on that.

– – In this video, I’ll link you to a tool in just a moment that will help inform you regarding the most likely threats you’ll face.  Gathering this information will inform you as to what you should focus on as you prepare.

– But first, let’s cover some of these core pillars of preparedness.  I bring these up because regardless of what threats you determine are most relevant to your situation, your attention to each of these pillars will vary.  They are:

– – Shelter

– – Water

– – Food

– – Security

– – Medical

– – Energy

– – Communication

– By using the tool I’ll provide, it will inform you as to how to prioritize these pillars.  Each of these pillars is different, but based on your most likely threats, you can arrange how you will tackle each and how much attention you’ll give to each.  

– What do I mean by this?  I’ll give you an example of my own life.  Where I live, it’s incredibly dry, so as you can imagine, water storage is a huge priority for me.  Additionally, fire is another massive problem in our area, so we are prepared to leave very quickly from our home if a fire swept through our area plus we have plenty of masks as smoke will be a problem after fires.

Let’s run through the tool quickly here to give a high-level overview.  This is not an in-depth overview of the document, but let’s take a quick look.

I will provide you a link to a video that goes into much greater detail on how to use this, but that’s a quick introduction.  Again, the goal here is to start thinking about the most likely threats we’ll face and building a framework for how we’ll approach our preparedness.  If after viewing the tool you’re not entirely sure how to move forward or maybe feel overwhelmed by the information, don’t get too concerned.  It’s really more of a basic guide to get you thinking.  If you’re eager to just get going, then by all means, move to the next video.

I’ll post links to the tool and video detailing it below.  Again, check that out quickly, and then I’ll see you in the next video named “Ready”.  See you there.


– Risk assessment guide: 

– Video explaining how to use the guide:

Action Items and Milestones 

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