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Eric K

Great course, especially for the beginner!

I enjoyed the entire course! It's nice to be able to do this course at your own pace. Also, to be able to pull it up any time and not have to be on at a certain time is a plus for someone who works. I'm fairly new to the prepping community and this has been a real game changer for me. I appreciate the time that Kris has put into this and what a blessing it has been for me and my family!

Richard S

An excellent course

One of the best aspects of the course is that you can learn at your pace or time constraints. You are not fed a cookie cutter course, but emphasis on the potential situations that you might face. You are given multiple options in gear that you might need including budget friendly options. Instead of fancy gadgets that you don't need. There is plenty of emphasis on redundancies as well.

Jonathan D

Excellent Overview

I feel Kris achieved exactly what had he had set out to do here! There are SO many aspects of prepping and each one has their own rabbit holes to fall down. It can get so incredibly overwhelming and these 5-12 minute segments do an excellent job informing the viewer of the most crucial basics. I had not expected all the links in each class, nor the truly helpful spreadsheets. Thank you Kris!

Heather A

Just what I needed!

This is a fabulous course that is just what I needed. I'd been prepping off and on for some time but without any overall plan. This course has been taking me through step by step in an orderly way. It never seems overwhelming as I gradually work towards ever more prepared goals. Every detail is included and clearly and thoroughly explained. I can set my own pace. I very highly recommend it.

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